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Wir haben alles nach Kategorien geordnet, daher sollte es leicht zu verdauen sein. BEST APPS KATEGORIEN. • AR und VR (keine Spiele), •. Best of iPhone und iPad. Wie üblich hat Apple auch die App-Store-Redaktion ein Best of wählen lassen. Für die iPhone-App des Jahres. Minecraft - Pocket Edition iPhone- / iPad-App. Mit "Minecraft - Pocket Edition" gibt es den beliebte Open-World-Baukasten auch für Ihr iPhone, iPod touch oder. Platz Tagesschau ( Downloads). Mit der Tagesschau-App für ihr iPhone verpassen Sie keine Nachrichten mehr. Die aktuellsten Nachrichten der. „Computer Bild“ hat die besten Apps für Apples Smartphone ausgewählt. Good Reader: Mit dem Good Reader betrachten Sie Texte im TXT- und PDF-Format.

Good Apps Iphone

Inzwischen tummeln sich in Apples App Store Dutzende gute Apps und Spiele. Hier zeigen wir euch unsere Top-Empfehlungen für euer iPhone oder iPad. Best of Social Media: Apollo und Tweetbot. Mit Apollo auf Reddit. Wir haben alles nach Kategorien geordnet, daher sollte es leicht zu verdauen sein. BEST APPS KATEGORIEN. • AR und VR (keine Spiele), •. März Das sind die besten neuen Apps für iPhone und iPad. Unsere Highlights des Monats. 2. April - Uhr.

Good Apps Iphone Samsung stellt neues Falt-Smartphone Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G vor

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The apps below are free to install unless otherwise note though in-app purchases may be available. This one uses your GPS to find the exact position of celestial bodies — you just have to point your phone at the stars.

SkyView also uses an augmented-reality interface to show you what's up above, and you can track your favorite constellations as they move across the sky.

Users like that this one only shows you major stars, and doesn't overload you with celestial bodies you might not be able to see.

Like the others, point this at the sky to see what's above you. But then, when you're done, point it down on the ground to get a view of the sky on the other side of the world.

SkySarfari has all of the augmented-reality tools you expect in a Stargazing app — and you can even control them with your voice.

This app is especially good for kids, because it augments its 3D space model with video clips that explain different celestial concepts. Miss the last Super Moon?

Set this one to calendar mode, and you'll never miss another important celestial event in your viewing area.

This one started out as a project at Google, and then became open source. If you don't know where to start, point it at the sky and have it direct you toward something cool.

You can use this like a regular planetarium app, or, if you have a telescope, you can use it in conjunction and have it guide your towards objects of interest.

This works like the reverse of the other apps — instead of pointing your phone at the sky and having the app tell you what's there, you tell it what you want to see, and it'll tell you where to look.

This one is only for the iPad, but the bigger screen works for it: Touch anything you see, and a pop-up will display with more information. Not exactly for stars per se, but this is a fun one to have if you're looking to keep track of the International Space Station; it'll ring an alarm when either the International Space Station or the Chinese space station Tiangong 2 are in view, and you can run and see them with the naked eye.

It promises to be the most realistic possible view of the skies, showing the scenery above just as you would see them with the naked eye.

You can even "land" on other planets and see what the sky looks like from there. Add this graphic to your Pinterest boards to save the best stargazing apps.

PIN IT. Product Reviews. The app automatically replaces that object with pixels from the surrounding area. And the Line Removal tool makes it easy to remove electricity and telephone cables from your image.

It might take a few attempts to remove complex elements. Click here for the ultimate guide to removing objects from your photos with TouchRetouch.

Or click here to discover more of the best photo retouch apps! Do you share your photos on Instagram? But if you only want to make basic adjustments, it may be all you need.

It has a good range of color and black and white filters for changing the look and feel of your image. There are options to crop, rotate, straighten, and correct perspective.

And you can add a vignette or tilt-shift effect. If you prefer to edit your photos in a different app, you can still apply an Instagram filter before sharing.

Check out our in-depth tutorial on Instagram Photo Editing. The one-tap filter presets offer a quick and easy way to enhance your images.

But you can go much further than this. The advanced adjustment tools, such as Curves, Color Mix, and Split Tone offer ultimate control over your editing.

The premium upgrade unlocks tools such as selective adjustments and perspective correction. It also gives you access to your photos across all your devices via Adobe Creative Cloud.

Best For: Applying textures, grains, and light leaks for beautiful creative edits. Mextures is a fantastic app for applying textures to your iPhone photos.

You can add wonderful mood and visual interest to your iPhone photos in Mextures. There are also shimmer effects and glass elements to add sparkle or blur to your image.

You can make the elements stand out for a bold look, or tone them down so they blend in. The app comes with a basic collection of overlays.

It has a good choice of masking tools for selecting different kinds of subject. The Refine Hair tool is particularly useful for selecting hair in portrait photos.

You can adjust the blend mode and opacity of each layer to control how the images blend together. Superimpose X has a wide range of tools for editing each layer.

Or add an artistic touch with the brush tool. If you like the idea of using one-tap filters to create classic, understated edits, VSCO is a great choice.

For more advanced editing tools, such as curves and selective color adjustments, try Adobe Lightroom CC or Afterlight 2. TouchRetouch is a great app to have in your collection.

Use it whenever you want to remove unwanted objects from your iPhone photos. These effects are great for adding beauty and drama to your landscape photos.

Do you enjoy getting creative with your edits? If so, Afterlight 2 has a good selection of creative tools. Mextures is the best photo editing app for adding textures and light leaks.

If you want to create truly unique artwork, including fantasy-style images and double-exposures, try Superimpose X.

Then why not use its filters and editing tools to give your images a final polish before sharing. Awesome post, Kate! These lists are awesome!

Glad to hear you find these lists helpful Mat! Hello Kate, this is Fotor, another photo editor. You can try it. We want to cooperate with you.

Could you please send me email: coran fotor. Thanks for this list! Lens Distortions is a really great app. You could use Leonardo, which has good layer functionality.

Once you have the image as a layer, you can just duplicate it, move it, and repeat. If you mean put a copy of an entire image next to itself rather than overlaying an element within the same image then something like Diptic should do the trick.

Each of the old ladies is one image. I put an image on a canvas, in Adobe Fireworks on my computer, and then copy and paste it until I get five.

I like this list, thank you. I am looking for an app to handle noise in pictures, i hate take pictures at night or even with out enough ligth becose the noise.

I m pretty sure that there is some app that can help me. Hi Mario. Touchretouch was incredibly easy and took only 30 seconds of effort to remove the elements I wanted to remove.

I highly recommend it! Yes, I believe it does the same thing — although Handy Photo also offers other photo editing tools. Yes, Enlight offers a function to be able to add text with multiple font options.

This would require applying textures using, for example, iColorama app. This app is pretty good. Thank you for this list. I find most of my own favorite mobile photo tools included.

Glad you enjoyed the article! VSCO cam has a lot of extra filters that you can buy within the app. Maybe you can find some good ones there!

Duplication effect can be achieved with Enlight app. As for the second photo, it seems that there is a filter applied.

Hope this helps! Hi there! Will there be an in depth tutorial or review of Filterstorm Neue made at some point? Thanks heaps!! Thanks for your suggestion, Georgia!

This looks like very strong HDR effect. Similar look can be created using Drama Filter in Snapseed app. Facetune is great for portrait editing, but we find these 10 apps the most powerful on the market.

So far the best I can do with the regular camera app are these two. You can also enjoy music from iCloud Music Library, music that you bought from the iTunes Store, or songs that you imported from CDs or downloaded from other services.

Features: Users with a standard account can upload and listen to up to 50, songs from their personal library for free at no cost.

To create playlists, get ad-free YouTube with YouTube Red, and also listen to music offline, you need to subscribe at no cost. Features: Allows you to refine the stations by giving thumbs up or down to each song in the station.

You can also add new musicians or song to a station. Features: There are up to 40 million tracks available online to download and play offline whenever you feel like.

High-quality sound and high definition videos. The free offline music app is available for download to iPhone users on App store.

Features: The app allows you to easily search and enjoy your favorite music collection that is available online. The app also comes with radio feature, with over 20, radio channels available to choose from.

The app allows you to pre-listen to a music before downloading it. Tata Davis. Click to rate this post Generally rated 4.

Probieren Sie Aue Vs Dresden jetzt aus: Zwietracht. Download: Touch Hockey FS5. Colorfy Entspannen, der Kreativität freien Lauf lassen, den Künstler in einem entdecken — das und mehr möchte Colorfy, ein Malbuch für Erwachsene, ermöglichen. Handyticket: Fahrkartenkauf für den Good Apps Iphone Personennahverkehr schnell, mobil und bargeldlos — das klappt Boxspiele der App HandyTicket. Um diesen Artikel oder andere Inhalte über Soziale Netzwerke zu teilen, brauchen wir deine Zustimmung für diesen Zweck der Datenverarbeitung. Eine Android-Version der App ist in Planung. In einem einzigen Fenster finden sich grundlegende Werkzeuge, um Notizen und Texte zu erstellen und zu editieren, darunter Möglichkeiten, Emojis zu nutzen oder auch kursiven oder fetten Text zu integrieren. Quelle: Soundhound Topmodel Biz Kostenlos Spielen. Quelle: Synsion Radio Technologies. Apple Kompass iPhone-App. Der Grundkurs ist völlig kostenlos und vermittelt Ihnen die grundlegenden Techniken der Meditation und Achtsamkeit. Probieren Sie es jetzt aus: Google Maps. Fast, denn Costa Mobile App zahlen meist mit Ihren persönlichen Daten, die im Hintergrund über Tracking-Skripte erfasst und vermarktet werden. Previous Story von Mark Kreuzer.

You can import your photos and videos into the app, to edit them into a movie. You can then add music to the video, and then the app automatically clips the entire video according to the Hilights that you marked.

You can then crop, add effects and text to the video. You can even save the video to your camera roll. The app is a simple, yet powerful video editor that you should definitely try out on your iPhone.

Download Splice from the App Store Free with in-app purchases 5. The app allows you to edit both photos and videos and also create video collages. When it comes to editing, you will find all the basic editing tools here such as cut, trim, delete, merge, adjust video, and more.

You can also add your own music or select from its own free music options. The app is also good for Instagram users as it allows you to edit square videos perfect for Instagram.

The app also comes with lots of sound effects and supports voice over layering. One important feature of Inshot Video Editor is that it also allows you to rotate and flip videos which comes in really handy in certain specific scenarios.

Overall, this is a really good video editing app. The only flaw of the app that I find annoying is that the free version runs ads.

If you can handle that, you are going to enjoy using this one. Download from the App Store Free, with in-app purchases 6. Cameo Cameo is another really good video editor app for iPhone, developed by the folks over at Vimeo.

The app offers very basic video editing capabilities, but works really well. The interface is clean, and intuitive , and if you just want to perform a couple of basic edits on your video, Cameo is the perfect option.

The app can import photos and videos from the camera roll, and you can easily trim them, add music, themes, and more.

The app supports exporting videos in p, p, and 4K resolutions , as well. Download Cameo from the App Store Free 7.

Quik Quik is another iPhone video editor app from GoPro. Obviously, you can add the edited video to your photos library, as well. Download Quik from the App Store Free.

The app offers professional level editing tools and yet makes it easy to start your video editing journey. One of the good things about this app is that it supports landscape, portrait, and square video formats.

So whether you are editing your family video, a video for YouTube or for Instagram, you can edit your videos using KineMaster. Talking about the editing features, it sports a multi-track timeline which means you can add more than one video and audio tracks.

You can add background music or record voice-over right there in the app itself. The other apps on this list simply provide you music.

SoundCloud does that, but it's also a platform for musicians, DJs, and other creative people to upload and share their creations with the world.

The app doesn't allow for uploads—the SoundCloud Pulse app covers that. The free version of SoundCloud lets you access million tracks and create playlists.

All the apps on this list include all sorts of genres of music, including Latin music. If that's your primary interest, and you want to dig deep into it, download Uforia Musica.

There are also streaming-only stations that are exclusive to Uforia. Discover these channels by city, genre, and language, and locate playlists to match your moods and activities.

Cool features include saving your favorite station for easy access later and a car mode that presents the key features of the app in a larger format for easy access while driving.

Unlike many other apps on this list, all features are available for free; there are no upgrades. Streaming the official major-label releases from record companies on services like Apple Music or Spotify is great.

Still, it's not the only place where new music debuts. If you're into hip-hop, you know that there are tons of great mixtapes that come out before official albums are released.

Spinrilla is your way to access those mixtapes without searching your local record shops and street corners.

This free app delivers new releases and trending songs, lets you comment on music, share it, and download songs for offline playback.

The free version of the app includes ads. Provide the app with basic info about the kind of music you want to listen to or what you're doing, and it serves up a set of matching playlists.

The free version of the app delivers all the core features, including creating and sharing playlists and listening to those made by others.

LiveXLive, formerly Slacker Radio, is a free music app that provides access to hundreds of radio stations from nearly every genre.

You can also create personalized stations based on specific artists or songs and fine-tune those stations to match your tastes.

In the free version, you need to listen to ads and are limited to skipping six songs per hour. The paid tiers of the service offer more features.

Apps Best Apps Payment Services. Tweet Share Email. What We Like. What We Don't Like. Download Spotify. Download Pandora.

Download iHeartRadio. Download Apple Music. I use Overcast for this feature alone. It is one of the best podcast apps for iPhone and you are going to love it.

Castro If you are someone who subscribes to a ton of podcasts and is finding hard to manage the feed then Castro 3 is for you.

Castro 3 brings a unique triage feature which is not available on any other podcast app. This feature allows you to see all the new episodes and then either place them in your listening queue or discard them within seconds.

From here, you can use taps or drag and drop to sort through these episodes. You can either put them in your queue list or archive them.

The whole process is pretty easy and I love it. Apart from its exceptional podcast management feature, Castro 3 also brings other features such as a clean dark mode, support for Apple CarPlay, an excellent Apple Watch app and more.

Of course, there are also features that you want from a podcast app such as variable speed, silence removal, chapter support, and volume boost among other things.

Castro 3 is free to download and use with some restrictions including things like support for trimming silence, sideloading episodes, chapter support, and more.

Stitcher Stitcher is a great place to find and listen to exclusive podcasts and episodes which you cannot find anywhere else.

While the free app of Stitcher is like any other podcast player on this list and allows you to subscribe, download, and listen to podcasts, it is the premium version which excites me.

Many podcast creators also only allow you to access the last 3 or 4 months of released episodes for free.

If you want the entire library, you can get it via Stitcher premium. If you are ready pay for premium content, Stitcher can be the podcast app for you.

Breaker Breaker is a very capable podcast player which is specifically targeted at people who like a social community. The app basically has a built-in community where everyone is allowed to comment and review podcasts and podcast episodes.

The app is community driven which means you already find content that is curated for you. You can see the ratings and read the reviews before trying a podcast which can save you a lot of time.

I also love that Breaker allows you to follow your friends so that you can see what they are listening to and vice versa.

Apart from the social features, Breaker is also just a great podcast player. The overall design is really good with elegant UI elements and the features like downloading and streaming podcast, removing silence, dark mode, and more are all there.

If you want to add a social twist to your podcast listening experience, check out Breaker. Install: Free , in-app purchases 6. Downcast Downcast is a powerful podcast player which gives you a lot of control over how you want to consume your favorite podcasts.

The podcast app is very powerful and works pretty well. From searching for your first podcast to streaming your th one, the app never seems to slow down.

Talking about the features, the app lets you discover new podcasts, download episodes offline, create smart playlists, speed up playback, set sleep timers, control playback using AirPods, and more.

The app even supports video podcasts if you are into that. Once you pay for the application, all your progress will sync across devices using iCloud sync.

So, if you enjoy listening to podcasts on multiple devices, Downcast can be a great option for you. Castbox Castbox is yet another popular podcast player which brings a happy medium between a social media platform and podcast app.

On Castbox, not only can you listen to your favorite podcasts but also add your comments and likes. On the other hand, you can read user comments to find a popular podcast or a popular episode within a podcast.

I also love that apart from podcasts, Castbox also gives users access to free and classic audiobooks.

Good Apps Iphone

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Der Wecker funktioniert auch, wenn sich der Sauspiel App Kostenlos touch Den Schlüssel erzeugen Sie durch Schütteln des iPhones. Fast jede Sendung können Sie mit Spielcasino Online App sieben Es ist alles hier in Echtzeit, ohne Slots Party Filter vorhanden sind. Pocket Yoga führt Sie durch eine ganze Yoga-Sitzung. Sie vermissen auf Ihrem Mein Aol Login die Kompatibilität zu Flash? Bisher kennt Ada bereits über tausend Krankheiten mit mehreren Millionen Symptomkonstellationen — von einer einfachen Erkältung bis hin zu seltenen Erkrankungen. Inzwischen tummeln sich in Apples App Store Dutzende gute Apps und Spiele. Hier zeigen wir euch unsere Top-Empfehlungen für euer iPhone oder iPad. Best of Social Media: Apollo und Tweetbot. Mit Apollo auf Reddit. iPhone-Apps und -Spiele werden immer wichtiger für Apple. Das zeigt nun 5, Fun Race 3D, Good Job Games, kostenlos. 6, Homescapes. In der Pressemitteilung philosophiert Phil Schiller: „Die Gewinner der App Store Best Apps and Games spiegeln unseren globalen Wunsch. Haushaltsbuch, Navi-Software, Mobile Banking: COMPUTER BILD zeigt tolle Apps für das iPhone. Diese Programme sind Ihr Geld wert! März Das sind die besten neuen Apps für iPhone und iPad. Unsere Highlights des Monats. 2. April - Uhr. Amazing post, Kate! Plus, the option to adjust playback speed also comes in handy when you want to skip certain portions Tricks Fur Book Of Ra Online listen to some segments with a bit more attention. By using Lifewire, you accept our. With a gigantic database of music tastes and relationships powering it, Pandora is a terrific tool for Sport1 Moderator new music. Einzahlungsbonus Pokerstars a few of the animation styles Casino Club Weinheim in questionable legibility.

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