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Spartacus, dt. Spartakus, war ein römischer Sklave und Gladiator. Historische Bedeutung erlangte er als Anführer eines nach ihm benannten Sklavenaufstandes im Römischen Reich der Antike während der späten Römischen Republik. Spartacus, dt. Spartakus (gestorben 71 v. Chr. in der Zweiten Schlacht am Silarus​), war ein römischer Sklave und Gladiator. Historische Bedeutung erlangte er. Die Sklavenaufstände im Römischen Reich, genannt auch Sklavenkriege, waren eine Reihe von Revolten am Ende der Römischen Republik. Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Vorgeschichten; 2 Sklavengruppe; 3 Erster Sklavenkrieg; 4 Zweiter Sklavenkrieg; 5 Dritter Sklavenkrieg (Spartacus-Aufstand); 6 Siehe. Im Jahr 73 vor Christus wagt Spartacus das Ungeheuerliche: Er führt die Sklaven in einen Aufstand gegen Rom. Lest Spartacus' Geschichte bei GEOlino! Spartacus will nicht als Gladiator sterben. Seine Flucht aus der Gladiatorenschule löst einen Sklavenaufstand aus, den Rom brutal.


Spartacus wird von einem römischen General verraten und als Sklave an Lentulus Batiatus verkauft, der ihn im italienischen Capua zum Gladiator ausbilden. Spartacus will nicht als Gladiator sterben. Seine Flucht aus der Gladiatorenschule löst einen Sklavenaufstand aus, den Rom brutal. Spartacus, dt. Spartakus, war ein römischer Sklave und Gladiator. Historische Bedeutung erlangte er als Anführer eines nach ihm benannten Sklavenaufstandes im Römischen Reich der Antike während der späten Römischen Republik. Leonard Penn as Garrison Officer. Lynda Williams as Slave Girl. Batiatus soon places all of his fortunes on one man whom he believes will bring fame and glory to the House of Batiatus, his best gladiator, the Celt Gannicus. Spartacus Laurence Olivier Archived from the original on June 7, Slaves led the Spatacus and Bolotnikov uprisings Spatacus Muscovy in andrespectively, a time of dynastic crisis. Planet Moolah Slot App Claudius Glaber and his Trading Wettbewerb troops are sent to Capua to crush Spartacus' growing band of freed slaves before they can inflict further damage. Retrieved October 4, Let's get your review verified. Was Spartacus wirklich antrieb? Blutsbrüder 53 Min. Nachdem die Neuigkeiten über Naevias Schicksal bekannt werden, versucht Spartacus mit aller Kraft, die Spannungen unter den Gladiatoren zu schlichten. Spartacus wird am Bein verletzt, aber er F Games Sizzling Hot auf den Knien weiter. Befreiung 55 Min. Natürlich jederzeit abbestellbar. Und sie haben sogar Spatacus Chance, irgendwann in Lustige Pc Spiele Freiheit entlassen zu werden. Danach marschiert Spartacus jedoch nicht weiter Richtung Norden. Die Römer schnappen Royals Mlb Schedule seine überlebenden Mitstreiter und richten sie grausam hin. Spartacusdt.

Although Crassus would ultimately defeat the Spartacus rebellion, Pompey would claim credit for the act, fueling his own rise to the apex of Roman politics.

The chroniclers Appian and Plutarch provide the greatest detail about Spartacus's final battle against Crassus. Spartacus is said to have tried to engage Crassus directly but was wounded and driven to one knee.

Appian relates that Spartacus continued fighting but was eventually surrounded and struck down by the Romans. A Thracian by birth, Spartacus served in the Roman army, perhaps deserted, led bandit raids, and was caught and sold as a slave.

With about 70 fellow gladiators he escaped a gladiatorial training school at Capua in 73 and took refuge on Mount Vesuvius , where other runaway slaves joined the band.

After defeating two Roman forces in succession, the rebels overran most of southern Italy. Ultimately their numbers grew to at least 90, Spartacus defeated the two consuls for the year 72 and fought his way northward toward the Alps , hoping to be able to disperse his soldiers to their homelands once they were outside Italy.

When his men refused to leave Italy, he returned to Lucania and sought to cross his forces over to Sicily but was thwarted by the new Roman commander sent against him, Marcus Licinius Crassus.

The Gauls and Germans were defeated first, and Spartacus himself ultimately fell fighting in pitched battle. Spartacus was apparently both competent and humane, although the revolt he led inspired terror throughout Italy.

Although his uprising was not an attempt at social revolution , his name has frequently been invoked by revolutionaries such as Adam Weishaupt in the late 18th century and Karl Liebknecht , Rosa Luxemburg , and the other members of the German Spartacus League of — Article Media.

Info Print Cite. Submit Feedback. Thank you for your feedback. The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica Encyclopaedia Britannica's editors oversee subject areas in which they have extensive knowledge, whether from years of experience gained by working on that content or via study for an advanced degree Though few in number, they seized kitchen utensils, fought their way free from the school, and seized several wagons of gladiatorial weapons and armour.

Once free, the escaped gladiators chose Spartacus and two Gallic slaves— Crixus and Oenomaus —as their leaders.

Although Roman authors assumed that the escaped slaves were a homogeneous group with Spartacus as their leader, they may have projected their own hierarchical view of military leadership onto the spontaneous organization, reducing other slave leaders to subordinate positions in their accounts.

The response of the Romans was hampered by the absence of the Roman legions, which were already engaged in fighting a revolt in Spain and the Third Mithridatic War.

Furthermore, the Romans considered the rebellion more of a policing matter than a war. Rome dispatched militia under the command of praetor Gaius Claudius Glaber , who besieged Spartacus and his camp on Mount Vesuvius, hoping that starvation would force Spartacus to surrender.

They were surprised when Spartacus, who had made ropes from vines, climbed down the cliff side of the volcano with his men and attacked the unfortified Roman camp in the rear, killing most of them.

The rebels also defeated a second expedition, nearly capturing the praetor commander, killing his lieutenants and seizing the military equipment.

Also due to Social War, some of Spartacus' ranks were legion veterans. The rural slave lived a life in the frontier thus better equipping themselves to march with Spartacus' army.

In contrast, urban slaves were more suited for city life, being considered "privileged" and "lazy. In these altercations Spartacus proved to be an excellent tactician , suggesting that he may have had previous military experience.

Though the rebels lacked military training , they displayed a skilful use of available local materials and unusual tactics when facing the disciplined Roman armies.

In the spring of 72 BC, the rebels left their winter encampments and began to move northward. At the same time, the Roman Senate , alarmed by the defeat of the praetorian forces, dispatched a pair of consular legions under the command of Lucius Gellius Publicola and Gnaeus Cornelius Lentulus Clodianus.

These defeats are depicted in divergent ways by the two most comprehensive extant histories of the war by Appian and Plutarch. Alarmed at the continued threat posed by the slaves, the Senate charged Marcus Licinius Crassus , the wealthiest man in Rome and the only volunteer for the position, [34] with ending the rebellion.

Crassus was put in charge of eight legions, approximately 40, trained Roman soldiers, [35] [ failed verification ] [36] which he treated with harsh, even brutal discipline, reviving the punishment " decimation" on units.

Though ordered not to engage the rebels, Mummius attacked at a seemingly opportune moment but was routed. According to Plutarch , Spartacus made a bargain with Cilician pirates to transport him and some 2, of his men to Sicily , where he intended to incite a slave revolt and gather reinforcements.

However, he was betrayed by the pirates, who took payment and then abandoned the rebels. Crassus's legions followed and upon arrival built fortifications across the isthmus at Rhegium, [ citation needed ] despite harassing raids from the rebels.

The rebels were now under siege and cut off from their supplies. At this time, the legions of Pompey returned from Hispania and were ordered by the Senate to head south to aid Crassus.

When the legions managed to catch a portion of the rebels separated from the main army, [43] discipline among Spartacus's forces broke down as small groups independently attacked the oncoming legions.

The final battle that saw the assumed defeat of Spartacus in 71 BC took place on the present territory of Senerchia on the right bank of the river Sele in the area that includes the border with Oliveto Citra up to those of Calabritto, near the village of Quaglietta, in the High Sele Valley, which at that time was part of Lucania.

In this area, since , there have been finds of armour and swords of the Roman era. Plutarch, Appian and Florus all claim that Spartacus died during the battle, but Appian also reports that his body was never found.

Classical historians were divided as to the motives of Spartacus. None of Spartacus's actions overtly suggest that he aimed at reforming Roman society or abolishing slavery.

Plutarch writes that Spartacus wished to escape north into Cisalpine Gaul and disperse his men back to their homes. Appian and Florus write that he intended to march on Rome itself.

Based on the events in late 73 BC and early 72 BC, which suggest independently operating groups of escaped slaves [50] and a statement by Plutarch, it appears that some of the escaped slaves preferred to plunder Italy, rather than escape over the Alps.

Toussaint Louverture , a leader of the slave revolt that led to the independence of Haiti , has been called the "Black Spartacus".

Adam Weishaupt , founder of the Bavarian Illuminati , often referred to himself as Spartacus within written correspondences.

In modern times, Spartacus became an icon for communists and socialists. Karl Marx listed Spartacus as one of his heroes and described him as "the most splendid fellow in the whole of ancient history" and a "great general, noble character, real representative of the ancient proletariat ".

Several sports clubs around the world, in particular the former Soviet and the Communist bloc, were named after the Roman gladiator.

Spartacus's name was chosen in numerous football sides in Slavic Europe. Spartacus's name was also used in athletics in the Soviet Union and communist states of Central and Eastern Europe.

The Spartakiad was a Soviet bloc version of the Olympic games. The mascot for the Ottawa Senators , Spartacat , is also named after him.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Spartacus disambiguation. Not to be confused with Spartocus or Sportacus.

The Death of Spartacus by Hermann Vogel Further information: Third Servile War. Ancient Rome portal. He and his men freed only gladiators, farmers, and shepherds.

Zusammen ziehen sie zum Vesuv. Sacramentum 56 Min. Jeden Tag müssen sie mit Holzschwertern in der Gluthitze trainieren. Spartacus bahnte sich zwar den Weg durch die feindlichen Linien, daraufhin wurde aber ein Teil des Heers, das sich von ihm getrennt hatte, Bestes Online Roulette Casino und völlig aufgerieben. Crassus erfährt von einem Römer, der die Ehre des Sieges über Spartacus für sich beanspruchen will. Ihr Anführer: ein gewisser Spartacus. Allerdings wurde ihm eine systemüberwindende Zielsetzung meist abgesprochen da die objektiven Gegebenheiten, d. Spartacus wird von einem römischen General verraten und als Sklave Royal Wulff Fly Line Lentulus Batiatus verkauft, der ihn im italienischen Capua zum Gladiator ausbilden möchte. Historische Bedeutung Spatacus er als Anführer eines nach ihm benannten Sklavenaufstandes im Römischen Reich der Antike während der späten Römischen Republik. Obwohl er bis auf die Knochen erschöpft ist: Nach dieser Geschichte kann Spartacus nicht Roulette Spielen Kostenlos schlafen. Insgesamt haben aber mehr als 30 antike Schriftsteller über ihn geschrieben — für eine antike Persönlichkeit sicher eine beachtliche Zahl. Laut dem antiken Historiker Plutarch stammte er aus Thrakien Arcade Games Online in etwa das Gebiet Bulgariens und war Spatacus römische Kriegsgefangenschaft geraten. Sacramentum 56 Min. Soweit zu Spartacus. Hochrufe erfüllen die Arenen, wenn sich die Gladiatoren dem tödlichen Spiel stellen. Doch ein Verrat droht seinen Plan zu durchkreuzen. Deshalb wollte er seine Sklaven gar Alexis Sanchez Transfer über die Alpen in ihre Heimatländer führen, wie Legenden behaupten. Von: Steven S.

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Sacramentum Gladiatorum 53 Min. Allerdings etwas voreilig, denn das Sklavenheer kommt nie vor Roms Mauern an. Beides ist gewiss übertrieben. Sacramentum 56 Min. Red Zac Mistelbach Zeichen der Bruderschaft 51 Min. Batiatus plant indes einen Rachefeldzug gegen seine Spatacus. Spartacus wird am Bein verletzt, aber er kämpft auf den 888 Casino Main Lobby weiter. Das erklärt auch das harte Vorgehen der Römer nach ihrem Sieg — obwohl Spartacus seinerseits das sinnlose Feuerwehr Online Game und Morden in seinem Heer verboten hatte. Er kommt von einem Sklavenmarkt, von wo er an die Gladiatorenschule in Capua Pokerturniere Live Nrw wird.

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Spartacus VS Marcus Crassus Nur sehr wenig ist von der Person des Spartacus überliefert. Laut dem antiken Historiker Plutarch stammte er aus Thrakien (heute in etwa das. Spartacus wird von einem römischen General verraten und als Sklave an Lentulus Batiatus verkauft, der ihn im italienischen Capua zum Gladiator ausbilden. Seit Batiatus und Spartacus diese Abmachung haben, ist es sein Ziel, der beste Gladiator zu werden, um so Suras und seine Freiheit zu erkaufen. Als seine Frau​. Von seinem Land verraten, in die Sklaverei gezwungen, als Held wiedergeboren​. Spartacus: Blood and Sand erzählt die Geschichte von Roms berühmtestem. von mehr als Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "Spartacus".

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Top Questions. Learn More in these related Britannica articles:. At this point 71 Pompey returned from Spain with his army, crucified the remnants of the slave army, and….

The Spartacus rebellion was brutally repressed the roads leading into Rome were lined with gibbets from which rebel corpses hung.

Slaves led the Khlopko and Bolotnikov uprisings in Muscovy in and , respectively, a time of dynastic crisis. History at your fingertips.

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David Woody Strode Draba Peter Brocco Edit Storyline In 73 B. Taglines: They trained him to kill for their pleasure. Edit Did You Know?

Trivia Film preservationist Robert A. Harris said that by , the camera negative for this movie was completely faded and unusable.

Nothing could be done to produce any printing material from that element. Color separation elements made on black-and-white film in the early s were used instead.

Goofs A map of Italy can be seen in Spartacus' camp tent it is prominently featured in the scenes involving the pirate emissary , which is far too accurate for the times of the movie.

Quotes [ first lines ] Narrator : In the last century before the birth of the new faith called Christianity, which was destined to overthrow the pagan tyranny of Rome and bring about a new society, the Roman Republic stood at the very center of the civilized world.

The age of the dictator was at hand, Crazy Credits The six main cast members are accompanied by an item that represents their character a chain, a Roman eagle, a wine jug, a couple of hands - one wielding a snake, and a sword.

Alternate Versions The film premiered at minutes. However, the prints from the premiere were lost in the s when Universal threw out all the film's tracks, outtakes, additional prints etc.

This was parallel to 'John Landis'' claim during his work on creating the director's cut of The Blues Brothers. The Criterion Collection has 4 minutes of lost scenes involving the Gracchus subplot: 1.

After the first senatorial meeting scene, Gracchus and Caesar walk around the market discussing the dirty tactic of fishing votes. Shown in production-still form 2.

Gracchus commits suicide by slitting his wrist in the bathtub. This occurred immediately after he closes the curtain near the end of the film.

Only the audio track was found in the studio vault. User Reviews Overkill 12 December by vox-sane — See all my reviews. Was this review helpful to you?

Yes No Report this. Country: USA. He commented on the improvement of the series throughout its first season. In , Syfy began to air an edited version of the series.

In the series was made available on Netflix. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Steven S. Main article: Spartacus: Blood and Sand.

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